Route Branch Site Traffic Through HQ MPLS


Route Branch Site Traffic Through HQ MPLS

Our current network consists of 6 locations (HQ, DC, B1, B2, B3, B4).


All 6 locations have a Connection to our MPLS network.

3 of the locations (HQ,B1,B2) also have an Internet Connection for Non-MPLS traffic and a Meraki MX80 device that uses static routes to point MPLS traffic through the MPLS router/gateway (all other traffic goes through internet connection).


We are in the process of adding a small 7th location.

I am hoping to avoid adding an MPLS connection to this new location and using an MX80 to route MPLS traffic through HQ via Site-to-Site VPN.

Can't figure out how to configure the MX80 to make this happen.

Example Scenario:

New Location (B5)

  • subnet is
  • MX IP 


  • subnet is
  • MX IP
  • MPLS Gateway


  • subnet is
  • MPLS Gateway

Static Route setup on HQ MX to always route traffic to DC through (MPLS).

Want all traffic from B5( destined for DC( to also route through HQ MPLS Gateway (



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Getting noticed

It sounds like you need to turn the Auto VPN on at HQ and B5. 


Then from the HQ location you need to advertise all networks you want to be reachable over the VPN. B5 will then route traffic destined to those networks to HQ and HQ will route them to the final destination. 



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