Resolving Forbidden 403 when authenticating to


Resolving Forbidden 403 when authenticating to

We use a Meraki environment on this charter high school and while on its network authenticating to this particular website fails. I do not see anything on the security appliance event log. I do see the following in the browser inspection tool:




MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png




Screenshot 2022-11-08 meraki fafsa.png


The latter screenshot shows a successful login, on a different network, and the only difference I see is the time waited for a sever response is significantly higher.

Kind of a big deal

Have you tried whitelisting the client on the dashboard, I had the same issue, and worked after waitlisting the client.

Thank you, alemabrahao. I'm surprised that didn't work for a whitelisted client. And I have connected straight to the ISP modem and I can sign in instantly.


Anyway the solution would require that all student clients can successfully log in to this website for financial aid.

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