Recommendation for WAN Switch

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Recommendation for WAN Switch



We have a new site where we are using primary ISP and Resilient link and 2 x MX250 routers.

In the past we would have 1 ISP connected to primary mx250 and a secondary connected to a secondary MX250.


But with the resilient failovers this isnt recommended and the ISP requests a switch to sit between their kit and the 2 x MX250s.


The fibre links to their kit are 10gb and the same on the mx250 so Im looking for a switch to fulfill the task.


I already have MS425 switches for aggregation and have a spare and wonder how suitable the MS425 would be for WAN switch or should I look at others.

Having another MS425 would mean that i can manage it in the same way as the others and have spares to suit that device on hand too.


What are your thoughts on what option would be best.



Kind of a big deal

For me, a MS425 would be a waste of resources, but should work. Just make sure the WAN-switch is using a separate dashboard-network.

For everything with up to 1G, I use the Catalyst 1000 as a WAN-switch. For higher throughput I'll plan to evaluate the CBS350-12XS which has multiple SFP+ ports.

Here to help

We've used the MS120 8 port for this. There is a setting support can enable to be able to assign it a public IP for management. That way you dont have to setup VLANS on it and plug it into the internal network.

I would first make sure your ISP cant give you a second handoff though.

Chris it has to be 10gb.

We have failover resilent connections on single IP with 10gb connections so need a 10gb switch

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