Question for Cisco Meraki MX64W

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Question for Cisco Meraki MX64W



I want to buy Meraki MX64W


But i see : Maximum Clients: 50


Does it mean that it supports only 50 wifi clients or 50 devices connected ?
Knowing that there are 80 computers and 20 servers connected by cable and only 10 smartphones


Thanks for your information

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

It has enough CPU and RAM to be able to process 50 connected devices, WiFi or Wired.


You should go up a model and get an MX84.

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That's a recommendation based on hardware capabilities of the router to support client traffic, however they're attached.


I have an MX64W that sometimes has up to 80 devices connected (wired + wireless) without any issues but that's only when there's events or meetings happening at that location. If you require more capacity you'll probably need to step up to an MX84.


If you're wondering about WiFi client capacity, that's based on a different set of factors. As a general rule I try not to have more than 20 clients on a single access point (and no more than 10m away), but you can get away with more clients depending on the wireless technology, the frequency, and the number of radios.



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