Quantify Historical Data

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Quantify Historical Data

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I'm looking for a way to quantify Historical Data for Latency and Loss. In SD-WAN and Traffic Shaping > Uplink Configuration > Uplink Statistics, I configured 'Test Connectivity to' all of our SD-WAN IPs. In Appliance Status > Uplink there are Historical Data charts at the bottom. Is there a way to quantify these charts? Like, average latency and loss over a week or a month? I would like to be able to present this data as average loss over the last week is X% and average latency over the last week is Xms. Thanks!

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Organization then go to Summary Reports. Then choose the time length.



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Hey @bebeachy. You should be able to do this, but it's going to require a bit of data mining and analysis on your part. The best way to get the Uplink Statistics data out of Dashboard into a form you can work with is via the API:




Once you've got that data pulled you can manipulate and display it using your favourite data analysis tool.


The only other place you can get Uplink Statistic data is on the Uplink tab of the Appliance status page, and even then you can only display one endpoint at a time. 

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Are you using AutoVPN?  If so, you can get latency statistics for each AutoVPN link.  Go Organisation/VPN Status.



If you click on the actual latency number then you can get a lot more statistics.


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