QoS rule to send all VLAN out port on MX

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QoS rule to send all VLAN out port on MX

Currently we have 2mx devices, 4 star links. One vlan (15) is ruled to a specific port out to the second mx running 2 starlinks. Works just fine.


when it snows or rains heavily all starlinks go down. We have a cellular array that must be manually plugged in when this happens. 

Using a rule is is possible to send ALL vlan/traffic out a specific port. when the ping time exceeds 200 (dead startling) I have an old MX64 that can be used to handle that traffic to the cellular array.


the rule could be implemented on both MX95’s then one port on each MX95 would run into the mx64. Which would carry all the traffic out.  


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

At this time regular internet traffic does not have the same latency/jitter/packetloss testing like autoVPN traffic does, but you can switch uplink if one goes completely down.  So your pingtime exceed testing will probably not really work until we have true SD-Internet capabilities.


If for the moment you are content with having the full down state you can just connect WAN2 of both MX95's to the MX67 LAN ports and have your default WAN exit to be WAN1.  It will also take a little while before the MX95 will detect that it has no internet reachability before failing over to WAN2.

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