Printer VLAN best practices?

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Printer VLAN best practices?

I've been wrestling with this all week, so I'll throw it up here for comment.


Brand new network.

Computer VLAN (102) is

Printer VLAN (104) is

Staff WiFi VLAN (120) is

Firewall is Meraki MX250.

WiFi APs are all MR.

Switches are all MS.


What firewall rules should be added to make HP and Brother printers play nice in the network?


Printix is also in play.

Kind of a big deal

First and foremost: congrats for taking the chance to have a decent network design in place!


Brother lists the following ports:


Also, HP has a nice documentation what ports are being used for their products:


Depending on what kind of printers you have, you should have Bonjour / mDNS forwarding in place:

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