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Please help

I'm trying to rig up failover, but I haven't been able to make it work yet, and I'm not sure what I'm missing.


This company has two sites (A and B).  The company has two fiber cables running under the parking lot from site A to site B.  I've already enabled auto-VPN for the two sites, but they (are pretty adamant that they) had failover between their previous two firewalls


I'm trying to build a failover solution using just the two MXs.


Is that possible?  If so what am I missing?


MX A (LAN port 14) is connected to MX B (WAN 2).  MX B (LAN port 10) is connected to MX A (WAN 2). WAN.  WAN 1 on both devices are CAT-6.


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Kind of a big deal

What kind of failover, are you trying to achieve?


For High Availability between to MX'es, it's Warm Spare (VRRP) and not AutoVPN. AutoVPN is the Meraki propriatory Site-to-Site VPN technology.


For Warm Spare, both MX'es need their own internet connection for cloud connectivity etc. You would then connect the MX'es together via their LAN ports only. Depending on your scenario, you don't neccessarily have to connect the MX WAN interfaces to eachother.

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