Per VLAN bandwidth limit on MX84

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Per VLAN bandwidth limit on MX84

We have a global bandwidth set to 7Mbps. I want to set a 2nd VLAN, on the same WAN1 connection, to use no more than 3Mbps; it's not per client. Whether there is 1 client or 30, no more than 3Mbps on that vlan.


Is this doable in any way, shape or form? Group policy when applied to a VLAN seems to be a per-client limit for each device in that VLAN. I'm not sure what else to try.


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Have you tried like this:


2019-04-24 14_50_53-Clipboard.png

As @BrechtSchamp explains just select the VLAN IP scope you want to control bandwidth limits and go from there.

I can't test this from where I am, so I have to wait until tomorrow.


Does this work best in the "global" traffic shaping rules or in the Group policy?

Kind of a big deal

Well I'm afraid they may both enforce 3Mbps per client rather than for the sum of users. But in the global one you have a bigger chance that it's a global limit.


Give it a test, and let us know.

In the global section, I can't set the limit higher than the per-client limit that's set. So, I set it in the Group Policy and we'll see what happens.

Kind of a big deal

I tend to create a group policy, set the bandwidth limit there, and then apply it to the VLAN.


I also tend to put pre-vlan firewall rules there rather than using global firewall rules.  It makes things easier to understand when there are lots of rules when you can go and look at a policy that contains nothing but what affects the users on that vlan.

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