Per LAN Limit on Bandwidth


Per LAN Limit on Bandwidth



We have a client who runs a building with 4 sperate businesses and has a shared internet line.


The requirement is to ensure that each of the 4 businesses is limited to 25% of the line during heavy usage, but during quiet periods can go up to the max bandwidth.


Would the Traffic Shaping rules under Security & SD-WAN be able to do this?


Set the definition as the local net of that business, then apply a bandwidth limit. Does the bandwidth limit allow traffic to go over that limit if there is capabilities to do so, or is it a hard cap? 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi alemabrahao,


Thanks for your response.


Yes, that looks better, Especially since we can schedule it too.


Do you know if the bandwidth limit is a hard cap or can it be exceeded by a VLAN if there is available bandwidth on the WAN link?

Well there is some considerations:


I like this part:  


"To provide a better user experience when using bandwidth shaping, an administrator can enable SpeedBurst using the checkbox in the Bandwidth Limits section on the Firewall and Traffic Shaping page. SpeedBurst allows each client to exceed their assigned limit in a “burst” for a short period of time, making their experience feel snappier while still preventing any one user from using more than their fair share of bandwidth over the longer term. A user is allowed up to four times their allotted bandwidth limit for a period of up to five seconds."

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

note that this is a per client limit. and there is no speedburst setting on the group policy

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