Papercut issues on SDWAN

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Papercut issues on SDWAN

Hi everyone,


we got a problem that chromebooks loose the connection to the papercut service. When you start the chromebook, the papercut app gets the printers from the papercut cloud server, but after 10-15 minutes, they have to reboot the device to get the printers again, the list is empty. To connect to the papercut service, I added some FQDN of papercut and I can see hits on that rule. 

It's very odd because we do the same on a checkpoint firewall and got no issues at all.

Does anyone got the same and have a fix for that? I'm not sure how to troubleshoot that...




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I advise you to check the protocol used between the printers and the server, could probably using an ALG that would be working on Checkpoint but no on Meraki. For example FTP in active mode needs communication allowed to be initiated from both sites if FTP ALG is not supported. You issue would be going thru the same root cause... 

Johnny Fernandez
Network & Security Engineer
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