OSPF and Client VPN question

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OSPF and Client VPN question

Quick and simple question hopefully.

We're configuring an MX100+MS250s at our head office, we also have an MPLS connection that's plugged into the MS250 which gives the Meraki network access to all of our other offices the other side of the MPLS router. This has all been tested and works fine so any device plugged into the Meraki network can connect to the internet, through the MX, and to the MPLS network. However, any devices connecting to the client VPN can't see the other side of the MPLS, only vlans within the Meraki network.

We've got a client VPN setup on the MX100, we've got a static route setup in OSPF config for the Client VPN on the MS250 that points it at the MX ip address but do we also need the client VPN vlan setting up in OSPF as an interface as well?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Is the MS250 redistributing the client VPN subnet into OSPF?  I'm assuming you are using OSPF with your MPLS provider ...

Hello, thank you for the reply.


OSPF was all enabled but we got the ISP, who looks after the MPLS router and network, to log in as we were doing some testing.  The VPN static route that the MS250s were presenting to the MPLS router through OSPF was being seen as an OSPF External network which was being blocked, so essentially the ISP engineer just had to tick a tickbox to allow external networks and it all started working.

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