OSPF & Local Network Routes

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OSPF & Local Network Routes

Hi all,  


I have configured OSPF routing on an MX in the US within our organisation and have established adjacency with a Cisco Nexus 6k. I appear to be receiving routes at the 6K from my MX for "Local Networks" as well as "remote VPN subnets".


It was my understanding that the MX (MX400 14.42) would only advertise the remote vpn subnets and *not* the Local Networks?  Is this not the case?  





Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

In think its: Local, remote  and static routes.  It just does  not  learn  routes  send from  the nexus. 


But if i read  the first few lines of documentation , it should work how you described it..  



Its not entirely clear from the documentation.  


Ill filter the local routes on my N6K. 

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