Non-Meraki VPN peers / can't connect

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Non-Meraki VPN peers / can't connect



After Greetings, I wanna make a VPN tunnel between two MX in a different organization, 


First one 

-Here we're in Egypt organization 



 I configure morocco's public IP and it's the subnet 


-Her we're in Morocco organization 




But does work, I followed many topics here but with no luck 




when checking logs I found this:



 when searching for this error, I can find in Meraki Dashboard this FIPS

Kind of a big deal

You should not run in FIPS mode at both sites.  I don't believe this option is available by default though.


You should first check if your VPN is up (security & SD-WAN-> VPN status).

If it is not up you will need to troubleshoot.
You can start by Capturing UDP/500 and 4500 on your internet link at both sites and see if they complete their negotiation or not.  You can do this capture directly from dashboard in network-wide->packetcapture.

Kind of a big deal

You haven't filled in the local or remote ID.


The local ID is the IP address configured on your primary Internet interface.  The Remote ID is the same value but what you configured on the remote MX.

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