Non-Meraki Peer VPN Breaks After Making a Change

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Non-Meraki Peer VPN Breaks After Making a Change

Hello to the Crew - question for you:


We have a non-Meraki Peer VPN between our office and our parent company. While the VPN terminates MX to MX, right now we are different organizations so the tunnel has to be a non-Meraki peer setup.


As long as we don't make any changes to the subnets configured on both ends, the VPN works great. If, however, if we add or remove a remote private subnet from either end of the config, the VPN quits working. The only way to restore functionality is to completely rip-out the config on both ends and put it back.


It seems like IPSec gets hosed and the traffic just stops transiting the VPN once a change is made. Naturally, recreating the tunnels on both ends reestablishes IPSec and the tunnel works fine once again after that.


Has anyone else seem a similar behavior? Is there a fix or workaround? I am not aware of any way to "pause" the VPN, make the required changes, and then start it up again.





Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If you put a tag on your network, then you can pause or stop the VPN by changing the tag on the non-Meraki VPN to "none", and then putting it back to the tag on your network. 

This is brilliant! Thanks for that idea!

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