Newbie Help with LAN settings

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Newbie Help with LAN settings

Hello.  I just installed a new Cisco Meraki Mx65w and it is connected to the cloud.  However, none of the PCs in my network can access the internet or local network.  I am a complete newbie at this so any help would be appreciated.


I can access the internet though an Ethernet cable to the Meraki with a laptop but nothing through the attached network switch can connect.


The network is on a 192.168.1.x schema and the default settings were different . I thought I changed the settings but it did not work. 


Thank you!

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First, look at Addressing & VLANs, make sure that the MX is in "routed" mode, and the LAN IP rang is set to . By default MX device has DHCP enable that why your direct connect laptop can access Internet.
But the default IP that MX is giving you can be different than what you have in your LAN.
Kind of a big deal

This sounds like it is related to the settings on the switch.  This might be quite a complex issue to solve yourself.  it might be best to find a local Cisco partner in your area to help you.

@PlantGirl  Is DHCP being handled by the MX or do you have an onsite server doing this? Is the IP address of the MX the same as whatever is replaced?
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