New to Meraki, Client VPN authentication

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New to Meraki, Client VPN authentication

I'm able to connect to Client VPN using Meraki Cloud authentication, but I want to use Active Directory authentication.  I have a green check mark next to my Active Directory authentication page.


I called Meraki support, but so far no updates.  I'm using Windows 10 VPN to connect.


Even if i connect using Meraki cloud authentication, I get the correct 192.168.50.x address, but my subnet mask is, and my default gateway is


I'm using a trial Meraki, but if I can't connect to VPN, this doesn't help me.



Kind of a big deal

When you have Active Directory authentication selected - what error do you get when you try to login?


The subnet mask and gateway are correct for a cleint VPN connection.

I'm trying this from my iPhone.  My iPhone is not on the same public IP as the MX


If I try with username = Authentication failed


If I try with domainname\username = Authentication failed


I know I'm typing in the correct username and password.


The only way I can connect to VPN now is if I use the Meraki cloud authentication.

Kind of a big deal

What does the security log in the event viewer on the AD controller say about the login?

I don't have any error messages, just a bunch of 'Audit Success', I assume that's normal.  

Kind of a big deal

Have you tried logging in using your UPN?  e,g.


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