New MX Models Just Announced ( MX67 and MX68)

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

New MX Models Just Announced ( MX67 and MX68)

The email is hot in my inbox, the video about the product launch is here. New cellular models as well!

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Thanks Blake, 


Just about to jump onboard to check out the webinar. 


Wish the LTE support was out earlier this year. We made a significant purchase with the MX64's within our network 😞 



@benny There is no harm in going back to your account manager and see if they can organise a trade in...

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I think the lack of LTE is less of an issue you can always got the route of a USB modem or a add on LTE device like cradle point connected to LAN 2. The bigger issue I see partners and customers having is the increased bandwidth. When you have people in homes having 1GB connections and companies like spectrum trying to push customers to 300Mbps the 64/65 line just wont cut it. 

New here

We have a branch office that may benefit from the new LTE model. The cell service is strong and in a pinch users will create personal hot spots to access the inter web...


So question, what service are people looking at for LTE? Is there a provider that provides unlimited LTE without caps? If so does it make sense to dump an expensive, slower broadband connection in favor of LTE as the main connector to to this office of 6-7 people?



Not sure on uncapped providers. But in retail or temp locations you have a huge market of cradle point devices. Meraki is no able to take that market. Between 67/68c and the new Z device you can stand up remote offices in a few clicks. 


The built in LTE offering increased reliability over usb, and better speeds can be used to replace some point to point dedicated connections (MPLS). Meraki seems to be pushing SD-WAN a lot. If I am in a rural are that getting connectivity is a issue I can quickly deploy one of these devices and have a connection. If you out way the cost of dedicated connections for MPLS having 2 connections on a mx even if one is cell and SD Wan you can net some savings. 


Unless you are in a big metropolitan area with multiple providers good luck finding one without caps.



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