Need to change the Meraki DHCP server to Windows DHCP

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Need to change the Meraki DHCP server to Windows DHCP

We are using Cisco Meraki and have 16 VLAN for Server and 11 VLAN for Clients. Now I have configured DNS and DHCP in windows server 2019 and when I try nslookup then I am seeing cisco meraki as DHCP server. In my case I want to supply the IP from the Windows Server DHCP. When I search in google, I found relay DHCP to another server option in cisco meraki. Will it work for me if I give the windows server DHCP ip address in that place?



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal


Kind of a big deal

Yes. In my experience, works beautifully.


If you're changing this for endpoints, doing the swap at night + telling your users to reboot their PCs in the morning also works beautifully. Even better is scheduling reboots so there's no user failure, muahaha.

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