Failed Dashboard WAN Status, but Can Still Ping IP

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Failed Dashboard WAN Status, but Can Still Ping IP

I am having an issue that relates to a switch with a L3 interface setup for a Comcast EDI configuration. Please see the following community strings for how I set this up.

Long version  - @BrechtSchamp 

Short version


My MX250 appliances are setup to use a publicly routable network that Comcast provided. I have set this up as VLAN 3001 with a network. If I were to just place the MX appliances in the VLAN, it would show that my WAN connection is up in the Meraki Dashboard. The problem I am running into is that we need to place an IPS pass-through appliance between the Comcast IPS and the MX appliances. When we do this, I can still ping the IP addresses successfully of the MX appliances, but the Dashboard is saying the WAN is failing.


Here is the topology layout:


Comcast's network provides a network.

Comcast has as the gateway.

I created a L3 interface (VLAN 3000) on our edge switch with an IP off This creates a default route similar to what is seen in the links above.

Comcast provides a routable IP subnet

I then created a 2nd L3 interface (VLAN 3001) with IP address

The External IPS port is connected to the switch and is setup on VLAN 3001 with an IP of

The Internal IPS port is connected to the switch and is setup on VLAN 3002.

The MX appliances have their WAN ports connected to the switch and are in VLAN 3002. 



I can ping all appliances and devices within the network, but the dashboard is saying it is failing.

If I move the the MX WAN connections to VLAN 3001, the dashboard says it is active.


Has anyone ran into this issue and does anyone have a solution. It would be greatly appreciated.

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