Need for 10GB WAN Connections

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Need for 10GB WAN Connections

I haven't seen much on the forum about the need for Meraki MX series units to scale to and above 10GB WAN connectivity aas well as higher user connection counts. I do not understand (well maybe I do - fear of corporate parent)  why Meraki has bee reluctant to scale to greater speeds for their platform. Cisco has no problem selling into the meraki market as well as selling against it self by competing against internal verticals. 


I would like Meraki to bring a 10 GB/20K user product to the table. ore evek higher!

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Stans I'm sure an MX455 or similar will be along in a little while with such a performance improvement.  The recent releases have had a big uptick in throughput at each level lower down the ladder.

Kind of a big deal

I think there are other features which are lacking that I would prefer over 10Gb WAN interfaces. 


A bigger list of application signatures would be a start as well as being able to create interface zones.
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