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NBAR ID Lookup

So, I was getting a lot of events in my eventlog on an NBAR ID being blocked, but with no classification. So I opened a case.


I'm sharing this for others to find, since I struggled to find out my self, but to lookup NBAR IDs, go to the protocol pack, and drill down the specific protocols to find out what ID it's using. I downloaded the PDF and searched through it for the ID.


The protocol pack can be found here; NBAR Protocol Pack.


Some IDs that Meraki uses are not listed in the pdf.

Some of these are;

  • ID 2572 - Google Advertising.
  • ID 2619 - AppNexus
  • ID 2836 - Miscellaneous Video
Kind of a big deal

Great info, thanks!


I have ID 2836 but unable to find why 

TCP 443 some internal website 

I've asked in my own case, as it was still open. Let's see what they get back with...

2836 is "Miscellaneous video" 

but i don't know how they decide a site is containing video 

Hm.. Odd.. Hope Meraki Support will give you the answers. 🙂

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