Meraki not responding to ping(Public IP).

Getting noticed

Meraki not responding to ping(Public IP).

Meraki device is behaving strangely, every thing from the ISP side is ok, Fiber links are also working. The issue is intermittent, the device losses connectivity to internet. The Public IP configured on the Wan interface is also not reachable even though we have not filtered the ICMP in firewall.

Kind of a big deal

In regards to pinging the WAN interface, what do you have configured under ICMP Ping in Security & SD WAN -> Firewall?


When you encounter the issue, what do you see on the local status page of the MX?

Kind of a big deal

Are you running a stable firmware release or better?

We are running firmware MX 16.16, the public ip is now reachable now, We had subjected device to a reboot.

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