Meraki mx64 Outlook not working

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Meraki mx64 Outlook not working

I have got an exchange 2010 sitting on a sbs 2011, I have recently got a meraki mx64. Whenever I am connecting my workstation with the meraki mx64 the outlook stops working. Though I can access my files in the sbs 2011 server.


Anyone knows what is causing this?

Kind of a big deal

Hi @Tehsin , why not try to run Wireshark on the MX LAN and WAN interfaces to see what , if anything, is being blocked.  You can do this straight from the MX itself Network > Monitor > Packer Capture

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you can whitelist the device for testing to confirm if there is any security filtering enabled that is blocking the traffic. If it works properly when whitelisted, review your layer 3, content filtering and layer 7 FW rule configuration making sure it is not blocking outlook traffic. Lastly, as suggested you can take the Wireshark packet capture. 

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