Meraki integration with AWS Tranist Gateway

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Meraki integration with AWS Tranist Gateway

We are interested in deploying Meraki SD-WAN with AWS Transit Gateway architecture, I found the detailed documentation on Viptella integration with AWS TGW but not able to find anything on Meraki integration. 

Has anyone successfully deployed Meraki with AWS Transit GW architecture?

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I have not seen any such documentation.


You can refer to my guide for deploying a pair of VMX in HA mode, and in your case, the VMX go into the transit VPC.  However you have to use static routing to the VMX, and from the VMX to the transit gateway peers. 



You could also do another [equally] complex solution of using a pair of Cisco CSR1000V routers in the transit VPC. 

On the Meraki side you would use tag based failover to build the VPNs to the CSRs.  You would put the MX's into a separate network from the rest of the AutoVPN infrastructure, and create static routes between the two.  Or you could simply use a pair of ISR1111-8P routers with a security licence instead. 


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Hi @PhilipDAth,


We've just hit a roadblock trying to peer a couple of third party managed subscriptions to an existing subscription created especially for the purpose of being a hub running a vMX. The "experts" doing the work have just told use the setup they have build wont work and we have to build something they "think" is called a transit gateway. I'm more than a little frustrated after weeks of me Googling the answers for their "experts". But I digress.


Would I be right in thinking that you can still deploy a vMX into a transit gateway account to be able to peer with the rest of our SD-WAN?

In short, yes, you are correct.


A transit gateway is a "normal" AWS account and VPC.  Inside of it is a transit gateway that allows it to connect to other AWS accounts or VPCs.


If you place the VMX into the transit gateway VPC then you can add static routes pointing to it (for the remote Meraki sites) and on the VMX pointing to the VPCs.



I haven't done one of these yet myself, but I have had a number of people ask me about them.

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Thanks @PhilipDAth,


That's whati was hoping.

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I would like to implement something like that.
I found this AWS document Maybe it could be usefull.


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