Meraki Z3 on SkyQ fibre setup

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Meraki Z3 on SkyQ fibre setup

Hi, i have Sky Q, with two mini boxes on LAN. Just got a Z3 and I wanted to know any advice on setup / anyone thats had success. 


Also how do I track down my SkyQ DSL account details as mixed information on the net

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What country are you in?

Hi Phillip, UK. 

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

There should be a simple way to connect to the LAN side of the Sky Q DSL modem, at least temporarily, with a PC or laptop and connect into the local router settings page, most modems will allow a local login with default admin credentials, just web search your particular model. 


But even if not, you should be able to connect the Z3's Internet1 interface to a LAN interface on the DSL modem and it should be able to get out and connect to the Meraki Dashboard and come online.  Log into Dashboard and check its status and click into the status page and on the Uplink tab to see the addressing info.  Then connect whatever devices you need on the LAN ports of the Z3 and use Dashboard to configure whatever firewall or wireless or VPN settings you might need. 


This is Sky - aka - little green men from Mars👻👽☢️ messing around with innocent humans. Imagine a dog in a manger, with a bad attack of diarrhea.

However - this may cast some light on the problem - 


Judging by what people have to go through, one wonders if this is Sky's version of disruptive technology.

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Hi @MerakiDave thanks for the reply. Yep I can us the 4 LAN ports on the Z3 to run everything I have on my LAN (multiple devices via swiftches, including my 3 set top boxes)


However that leaves WiFi via the main Sky Q router and the two mininboxes (which act as APs on two other floors of my house) so I wondered if I get the Z3 on the perimeter of that will mess with how those mini boxes work either as APs or as top boxes. 


I can connect to my router and have the admin password. 


Lastly unsure how to get my ISP credentials. Sky may not issue them? 

Not sure if I followed that, maybe you're not looking to leverage the wireless built into the Z3 and you want to leverage multiple Sky Q wireless routers on multiple floors of the home?  I don't see why that wouldn't work fine, the Sky Q routers would just be off the LAN side of the Z3 right?  


If you have the local admin access to your router, you mentioned you have the admin password) then there should be a status screen to see your ISP info.  You might also be able to glean a little info from looking at the Teleworker Gateway > Appliance Status page and clicking on the Uplink tab, should be able to see your public IP and DNS name if the Z3 is online.  

Here to help

hi im still after anyone that can help specifically with setting up a Meraki Z3 with UK SKY Q


I've been running it our the Ethernet Port to maintain the SkyQ mesh to the additional boxes but the Z3 keeps having problems - I think its as both the router and the Z3 are trying to NAT? Anywya i'd prefer to replace the Sky Router now with the Z3 but have specific queries on getting my vDSL username and password and how to setup the Z3 but retain the sky mini boxes via ethernet

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I don't believe that Sky give out the ISP credentials, you are forced to use their router unfortunately. It's one of the main reasons I have a BT line at home and just the Sky Q TV service and my Meraki stack running it all. 


You may have to configure things differently -what's the purpose of the Z3, is this to also connect to a work/office VPN?

thanks for reply, yes it appears so on a sky front. you used to be able to get the credentials via wireshark etc however some sites do say on MER / Fibre generic details work - all very confusing. 


The Z3 primarily was to get some inteligence over my home network ,and control. We are gearing up with Meraki head ends at work etc but i've not got that far yet - it was more to get used to the dashboard, help home diagnosis and add security / prioritisation etc. 


Ive ordered a BT VDSL modem so am hoping I can find the details or the genric ones work - then ill replace the sky router and use the Modem into the Z3. it does mean my Sky mesh will be impacted and I dont have other AP's but I have LAN to each mini box so at least I can connect them up - again unsure if that will work or if the Sky mesh needs to be in place. 

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