Meraki VPN Client using PPPOE Internet Line

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Meraki VPN Client using PPPOE Internet Line

Hi Guys,



I would like to ask if it is possible to configure a Client VPN using PPPOE Internet Line.

Because we're able to establish VPN connection using Client VPN however, we are unable to Ping the Local Devices.


I search around and can't find any used case on PPPOE and Client VPN.


And in the UPLINK under appliance status has no Gateway.


Your reply is much appreciated.



Thank you!



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Hi Enrico,


Do you mean configure an MX device to use PPPoE and serve VPN clients




Have a remote client connecting via PPPoE then using a VPN into an MX



For the first one, the answer is yes, you configure PPPoE via the local device page. In this case it is either of these two , reference this article for all of the pages Local Status Pages We use this configuration regularly.


As for the no gateway part, this is expected behaviour. See this screenshot from one of our deployments (IP's removed for confidentiality)


Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 09.23.38.png


When you VPN into the box you will be placed on the specified subnet, are there any firewall rules preventing the client accessing what you are trying to ping?




If it is the second scenario then I believe its a yes dependent on the os you are using. macOS you can bring up PPPoE then VPN through it without issue.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

That should work.


Did you try pinging the LAN IP of the MX?


Some CPE routers don't handle L2TP over IPSec traffic running thorugh them.  So try using the Client VPN from behind a different Internet connection (perhaps via your mobile phone).

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