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Meraki VMX250

Is Meraki vMX250 on the road-map to expand Meraki's Virtual security portfolio?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi @wizard_123 , Meraki seem quite cagey with roadmaps so couldn’t comment on what’s coming down the line.


The only one noted in the datasheets is the vMX100 and that’s been the only one for quite some time.

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Schedule a call with your Cisco Meraki team to discuss the use case and performance requirements so they can add this into  the feature request.  It's not officially on the roadmap today that I am aware of, but please do make the need known to help the PM team prioritize accordingly.  Also have a conversation with them to see if you're a candidate for a private cloud vMX solution leveraging on-prem UCS.  It's more of a Service Provider solution to solve multi-tenancy and/or VPN tunnel scale, but it may or may not fit your use case.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

First note that the VMX is only available in Amazon AWS and Azure.


If you are needing to terminate more VPN tunnels that a single VMX can handle or want to drive more bandwidth then you can change to using an active/active design and purchase a pair of them.


Aaron Willette has an article about how to do this. 


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