Meraki VMX100 and passhthrough different azure subnet.


Meraki VMX100 and passhthrough different azure subnet.



We plan to create another network with DC on azure. The idea is to create vnet peering between existing network that uses Meraki VMX and that new network. Is there a possibility to access on premise network through meraki vpn usung meraki vmx100 to another network in azure that uses vnet peering ? Without using another VPN like Azure VPN. 

I hope that i've explained it as clear as possible. 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal


Is there any parcicular way to do it?

That network already has access to azure VMs and vice versa. 


From vMX100 i can ping to that network. but i can't ping from local network through auto-vpn. 

I've tried do static routing, and i've tried adding that network to vmx100 but it doesn't seems to work. 

Do you have any suggestion where should i make some configuration changes ?

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