Meraki Site to Site VPN Disconnect

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Meraki Site to Site VPN Disconnect


Im having an issue with a new network setup that cannot connect to 5 site to site VPN networks but is able to connect to rest of the other networks (+10) 

Not sure what is special about the 5 as those networks only has connection issues with this new network as well and can connect to all of the other networks. 

Meraki support is stating that the new network ISP is blocking the 5 VPN IP addresses and the ISP is stating that the network firewall is blocking the 5 external IPs. 

I have captured packets where the new network MX is able to ping out to the 5 networks and the 5 networks receives the pings but when they reply back, nothing makes it back to the new MX. 

I have tried upgrading firmware to latest version, rebooting the MX multiple times it's just the 5 networks that does not connect. 

I have checked with Meraki and there are no overlapping subnets or anything like that. 

Should I keep working with the ISP to resolve the issue?


Any inputs are appreciated. 

Here to help

To anyone who was interested in this one, the ISP actually had some routing issues on their side with another ISP's external IP addresses. 

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