Meraki NAT - Reverse DNS for internal IP

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Meraki NAT - Reverse DNS for internal IP

Hey everyone,


At the office we have a MX64 as our router and we came across a big problem which can't seem to be fixed easily.


We have a VoIP system internally, on our VLAN2, the problem is that when a device is connected to the PBX using the external FQDN, the audio just cut because packets are lost between devices.


I would like to know how I can specify to my MX that the FQDN I use is located internally? So it would not go through the internet for no reasons.

Kind of a big deal

That is a DNS issue, not an MX issue.


You would need an internal DNS server to resolve that issue, loaded with your external domain, but populated with internal IP addresses.


The thing is that we don't want an internal DNS. We don't need one for anything else.
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