Meraki MX68 VLAN bug?

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Meraki MX68 VLAN bug?

I'm not sure if anyone had this issue before with MX68.  I added a new VLAN 10 on the MX68, but when I went into the clients VLAN list, I don't see 10.  


Please see picture for more clarification.  This shows my VLAN list.  


The two bottom pictures, the left bottom, is what it showed me after I added VLAN 10 the first time.  I was not getting DHCP for VLAN 10, so I went to the client list VLAN and I see 0 but not 10.



The right bottom picture, shows VLAN 10 now and I'm getting DHCP for VLAN 10.  I changed the VLAN number from 10 to 6, then changed it back to 10.


Is this a bug?  I'm using Google Chrome, not sure if it matters.




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I'm not confident that filter applies to the MX lineup.  I think it might only be for MS and MR.


Add the VLAN column to the client's list, and see if it displays a VLAN number for MX clients.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

if there are no clients on a given VLAN that VLAN number doesn't show up in the filter. a client must first exist in a VLAN and then it should show up as a filter choice.

Thank you for the reply, learned something new today.  I'm not sure if I noticed it before but why is it showing VLAN 0?

at one point did you have vlans disabled on this mx? if the mx is running in single vlan mode (on the addressing & vlans page) clients will show as being on vlan 0 on the client summary page vlan column.


if you just recently enabled vlans on the mx maybe the client page is still showing those old vlan 0 entries based on the time range you have selected.


The only time I only had single VLANs was may be years ago when It was out of the box.

May be I didn't notice VLAN 0 before, but I only noticed it after adding VLAN 10.  I had VLANs 2-4 a long time ago and I don't recall ever seeing a VLAN 0

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