Meraki MX with warm spare change organization

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Meraki MX with warm spare change organization

what are the steps to move MX with it's warm spare from an organization to another ? do we need to disable warm spare from the old organization, move it to another organization than reconfigure it again as warm spare

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it depends which License model you have active in your organizations. If you have per device licensing in both orgs, than you can do all by yourself and you don't need someone from support to transfer the license or hardware to the other organization. 
Yes, you have to remove both MXs from the network in the old organization, than move it to the new org and add it to a new network... so you have to build a new cluster and configuration in the new network.


new organization with new licenses, i will do it by myself, so i will disable the warm spare from the old organization, unclaim both than claim them to the new organization and configure again the warm spare

yes! 😃


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