Meraki MX - Is the rated throughput measure an aggregate?


Meraki MX - Is the rated throughput measure an aggregate?

Hi All,


We are reviewing the spec sheets for the Meraki MX range but can't see any definition on how Meraki define 'throughput'.  For example, when the spec sheet states VPN throughput 100Mbps, is this 100Mbps in both directions (upload and download) combined?  For example, if we are downloading a large file at 100Mbps and then we start uploading a file at at the same time, will the speed of the transfers be reduced to 50Mbps upload and 50Mbps download?


Or, can the firewall support throughput of 100Mbps both upload and download simultaneously?   That is, 100Mbps throughput full duplex?


Any help and documentation references would be greatly appreciated.




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Kind of a big deal

It is an aggregate. Nearly every networking vendor ever always uses an aggregate. I've never seen one that doesn't...


The MX67 is rated for 450Mbps, and that is total for both directions simultaneously. 

Head in the Cloud

Thats my understanding as its throughput on the device, either upstream or downstream so to speak

What @jdsilva said. In your example it your throughput would not go above 100Mbps. So the download would slow down to make "room" for the upload.

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