Meraki Firmware Upgrade

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Meraki Firmware Upgrade

Hi all,


We are using Meraki MX84 security appliance. Current running firmware version is 13.36. Now it is showing Firmware Update Available. 


How can we know whether running version is beta or stable?


Shall I upgrade it to 15.13 Beta version  or 14.39 Stable version. What is recommended one?.


Which is more best often recommended among the two. Also I would like to know that Beta version or Stable version which is best one when it comes to production environment.


Thanks in advance.

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We only tend to upgrade to stable versions for our production network, its a call you need to make for your environment though


Info can be found here for the release process:

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Hi  Haydn,


Thanks for Your Reply


Can we proceed to make Up gradation from Beta to stable version (Current running version is beta). Any suggestions.

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You can go back and forth between stable and beta firmware.


Via "Organization => Firmware upgrades" you can schedule these changes 

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Thanks for your reply Ben


I wanted to add that the current version running on your hardware can be found in the Organization > Firmware Upgrades page on the All Networks tab. Or also on the individual status pages of the devices themselves.

Thanks for your reply


Yeah I do know In that it showing version as 13.36  but I want know whether current running version is beta or stable version that is my question?




Well, it will be a stable version but old now 


Latest Stable:


Latest Beta: 


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Your current version, 13.36, is neither stable nor beta. It's old. 





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I feel better implementing a stable release and not a Beta on my network infrastructure, I also wait at least a month before implementing the stable once they release. I have had to roll back releases before on other non-meraki products and its normally the best practice. Ultimately its up to you.
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