Meraki AnyConnect-Secure Client connecting - disconnecting during startup

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Meraki AnyConnect-Secure Client connecting - disconnecting during startup

Many users are experiencing with their Cisco Secure Client when trying to log into their VPN into our Meraki MX configured/enabled for Cisco Anyconnect.


Our users experience when they enter their network credentials to connect to the VPN it goes through a revolving connecting and then disconnecting and then connecting again for about 1 minute during the initial connection.  After that it usually stays static?   Anyone else encountering this while your users are trying to connect to the VPN using Cisco Secure Client??


Cisco Secure Client version - 5.0.03076

Meraki MX firmware version - MX 18.107.2




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Here to help

i have seen the same thing.

I have not looked into it though, as it happens so quick that user’s haven’t complained about it 

Getting noticed

Users while logging onto the Cisco Secure Client VPN it will connect then disconnect then try connecting again and disconnect and then connect again.    It usually does this about 3 times before it becomes static?  


Does anyone know why this is happening?   

Is this on the Meraki MX appliance side that is causing this??

Is this the Cisco Secure Client creating this???

Is this the VPN tunnel trying to get established????

Getting noticed

If you have a firewall in front of the meraki MX you might need to open udp 443 as well. Anyconnect establishes the initial tunnel over tcp, but after that the client tries to create a DTLS tunnel in paralell over udp 443.

Getting noticed

I have the same issue in my environment and opened a Meraki support ticket and they were unable to get any kind of resolution.  


Its frustrating with our users.

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