Meraki 450 warmspare port down

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Meraki 450 warmspare port down

Dear Expert,


i have 2 Meraki MX 450 doing warmspare , working okay , but just yesterday , one port of the secondary MX450 is down

(WAN port SFP+) no change to the config.



As you can see , the upper device wan port is light , the down stream device is port down.


is this cuz of module ? or wire ?

cuz last time when i didn't plug the wire port also up. not sure abt this.

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Re: Meraki 450 warmspare port down

What's the color of the Power LED? Static orange? Otherwise it looks like it doesn't have cloud connectivity:


Also, what's the status of the machine on your Dashboard?

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Re: Meraki 450 warmspare port down

I have seen before, that for some unknown reason, the SFP inserted to an MX, just crashed.
Pulling it out, and reinserting the SFP made it come up again. Not sure if that's the case.

Perhaps try that?
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