May I ask about traffic.

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May I ask about traffic.





I want to know why The traffic on the client's page. Why does the traffic use higher than the uplink traffic? And calculated from which? Because Wan 1 and Wan 2 have full speed of 200 Mb/s. But the consumption 

is almost 1000 mb/s. 

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Unless I'm mistaken, the traffic on the Clients page includes internal network traffic (Windows file sharing etc) which may explain why this data exceeds your up-link speed.

Thanks for the answer.
Kind of a big deal

As well, the Clients page shows average traffic over time whereas the uplink page shows real time traffic. Peaks and the valleys are combined smoothed out to show what traffic looks like over longer periods. 


If you have 100Mbps of traffic for five minutes, and 0 Mbps of traffic for five minutes, then to graph that over time you'd have show 50Mbps for the 10 minute period.  

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

clients traffic is all kind of traffic, between vlans, vlan to wan , upload and download.


uplink traffic is WAN1 and WAN2 only. 



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