Mac Binding In MX-Firewall

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Mac Binding In MX-Firewall

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Is Mac binding or Mac Filtering supported by Meraki firewall??

Kind of a big deal

No, MX will filter anything on and above Layer 3.

Kind of a big deal

As @CptnCrnch mentioned, this is not natively supported. But this feature would not be really needed in the HQ, but in the Home-office and/or Small-Office. And for tis scenario you can configure 802.1X/MAB on the LAN-ports of the MX. Will take some planning and you need a central RADIUS-server, but it will likely fit your needs.

Kind of a big deal

Well, I was about to pass over this thread as answered, but on reflection, you actually can do MAC binding/filtering.


It's called group policy.  In a group policy you can put in any firewall settings you want, and then you bind it to the client (which is usually done based on MAC address). 

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