MX85 and connecting an MR46

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MX85 and connecting an MR46

Hi all - please advise if it's possible to use WAN port 4 (which has PoE) on an MX85, to connect an MR46 AP ?

I was not aware that the MX85 LAN ports are not PoE so looking for options. I connected it up and while the AP had power, the port showed as disconnected. Would also wonder how I'd have to set up the IP if this is viable ?


If this is not possible I guess a power injector would be my next step. 



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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

No you cannot use the WAN port for this use case. You’ll need a PoE injector, AC adapter, or PoE switch. 

Thanks - thought it might be a long-shot !

Kind of a big deal

Am I the only one wondering why the MX85 has POE on a WAN port?  I can't think of a purpose for that.



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To power a Meraki MG cell gateway without the need for an injector, AC adapter, or PoE switch. Makes for a clean single cable option when using the cell gateway. And with a MX HA design WAN 2 from each MX can connect to the two ports on the MG41 giving both PoE redundancy as well as data path redundancy. 


I think some CradlePoints can also be powered via PoE so the MX85/95/105 could also work with those deployments.

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