MX84 Cluster change WAN1 IP


MX84 Cluster change WAN1 IP

We have a MX84 cluster in a far flung site, we are changing the local ISP and therefore the WAN IP address. We use a virtual IP for non Meraki VPN termination.
Can someone recommend the steps for changing the WAN IP?

Would it be:  Remove virtual up-link IP, change primary IP, change spare IP, add new virtual up-link IP?

Meraki Employee

That is a good question. The MXen don't care too much about the order in which you make these changes, but removing the virtual IP is a good first step. This is so the MXen don't reach out to Meraki cloud and try to use an old virtual IP for a moment before they realize that it isn't a valid IP. After the Virtual IP is removed, then you can configure both the primary or spare in any order. After they check back into dashboard, you should be able to add the Virtual IP.


I hope this helps.

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