MX68W/ MR42 - Radius Issues

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MX68W/ MR42 - Radius Issues

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We have an issue whereby the MXUnit is dropping of while connected to a Techtonica 4G router (internet only) however when connected to say an MPLS fibre or Dlink 4G router ( internet only) it seems to be fine. When looking at the Meraki portal we can see we have Radius issues and the only way to resolve it is to reboot the box. 


This has been ongoing for a long time and we thought it was the  EE sims causing the problem but we have never got to the bottom of it. Recently, we have installed an LEO satellite which provides 200Mb of bandwidth. Meraki dropped this to about 150Mb and the site was running well over 24 hours ( happy days!). This morning however, we have came back in and the site was down. Same result as last time, no drops on the Internet connection but Radius errors in Meraki.


Is there something our network team could look at to resolve the issue as it looks like the issue may be on the Meraki side. 


Thanks 🙂

Kind of a big deal

What firmware version are running? In that case my suggestion is open a case with Meraki team support to investigate it.

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