MX68 - Software Panic/Device Reboot

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MX68 - Software Panic/Device Reboot


I have been getting nowhere with both support and my account rep, so I'm hoping I can get some help from the community. We are currently rolling out MX68's to replace our aging MX60's. We're swapping these at a rate of about 20/week all remote sites. I have started seeing an increase in the number of devices experiencing this 'bug' that causes the MX to reboot. There's seemingly no rhyme or reason to the timing. Sometimes we can go 6 hours, other times it's only 15 minutes. The common event log messages are 'Ethernet port carrier change' for each port we currently have plugged in:


I have our devices running the latest 16.16.3 patch, I also have a few of them running 16.16, I have one in my lab that my work computer is connected to running the latest RC 17.8, all still having the same issue. I worked with support who claims that the dev team has identified the issue and provided support with a 'backend fix' to help fix the issue. That device is running 16.16.3 and still is experiencing random reboots with the 'fix' applied. I'm at wits end here because it's causing an issue with our POS environment that's hyper sensitive to routing delays or failures, which happen when the device reboots.


Has anyone else been experiencing these issues? Have you heard anything else from support or the dev team?

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Kind of a big deal

Are you by any chance using the same subnet on both WAN side and LAN side?

LinkedIn :::

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We do have some WAN connections NAT'ing through the provider gateways (Comcast modems, Cradlepoints, etc.), however those subnets are not ones in use on the LAN side of our networks so I don't believe that to be the issue.

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