MX65: shows port 11 at 100Mbps, but other places 1Gbps

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MX65: shows port 11 at 100Mbps, but other places 1Gbps

Hi all.  New install for a customer with an MX65 and a pair of MR33's.  All sorta went well, except on port 11 it seemed the MR33 there doese not show the lightning bolt to indicate PoE in effect.  I asked the customer over the phone to just use the AC adapter that came with it, and that's apparently working as per the dashboard.  However, if I go to Security & SD-WAN > Appliance Status, the Live Data > Ports picture of the router shows port 11 being at 100Mbps.  Yet if I go to other areas of statistics (anywhere else actually) that might indicate the port speed for port 11, or the port speed for the MR33 itself that's attached to it, I see 1Gbps.  

During the course of troubleshooting the PoE problem I did have the customer unplugging and replugging various devices into that port 11.  Any chance the MX65 just isn't able to manage the frequent changes?  I have yet to reboot the MX65 which I'm sure will be a next step, but wanted to ask/report  here in case this is a known issue.  Thanks!  

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If you are getting a 100Mb/s connection on port 11 to an MR33 then I'm thinking you probably have a cabling issue.  If you bring the MR33 over to the MX and plug directly in with a different patch lead does it get a Gigabit connection (and PoE) then?


There is also a slim change the port is damaged.  Have you tried using the other PoE port?


Are you using a recent firmware like 14.39 on the MX?

Port 12 works yeah, and I've taken the MR33 that was on that and tried it on port 11 with same result.  Now, I did ask the customer over the phone to take an MR33 and plug direct to port 11 thus bypassing in-wall cabling.  They did, but same result.  I'm keen to go onsite myself and do all this again from the top.  Before that, I'll reboot the MX though.  

Firmware is latest on all devices yeah. 

I'm also suspicious about power.  Everything in the whole utility closet is plugged into a $5 power strip from Moe's Power Strip Emporium or some such and I wonder if maybe it can't supply enough power anymore.  So I'll play with toggling power, like having port 12 empty while troubleshooting with port 11.  

Lastly yeah it could be the actual port perhaps - I'll reserve that conclusion for when all else fails I suppose or I can try to see if I have a wire mapper/tester handy.  


I shall check back in a few days.  

Sorry I just want to reiterate that the only place that indicates this port is running at 100 Mbps is when I hover the mouse over the green port picture of the actual MX.  Yet if I go perhaps to the MR33 itself, it indicates connected at 1 Gbps.  So it perhaps might just be the dashboard not updating properly too, and fwiw I opened the Meraki dashboard on a computer that's never been there berfore to rule out some glitchy browser cache thing.  

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