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MX64w Wireless configuration

Here to help

MX64w Wireless configuration

Hi all,


Hope you all are doing well.


Thanks to all who have answered my earlier query.


I have a new query.


I have one MX64W, I want to configure two SSID but I am not able to find a wireless option, the only option which I am getting is " Wireless concentrator ".


I have gone through MX64W datasheet it's saying that you can configure SSID under wireless TAB but i am not able to do so.


could anyone help me on this?


A prompt response would be appreciated as i have to deploy it to customer location today only.

Kind of a big deal ww
Kind of a big deal

Re: MX64w Wireless configuration

If you are sure its a mx-w version and you added it do the dashboard it should be availlable at "Security Appliance > Wireless settings"

If not i would contact support.

Here to help

Re: MX64w Wireless configuration



Thanks for your reply.


Actually, problem was that I had no admin rights once I got admin rights it got resolved.



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