MX64 with a vonage Phone box.


MX64 with a vonage Phone box.



First let me describe the network:


The site has a Cable Modem to which a Vonage Telephone box is connected and then it goes to a Meraki MS220-8P switch.  Connected to the switch are two Meraki MR18 access points.    My issue is when I try to connect the MX64 between the Vonage Box and the Switch I have no internet connection.  I have also tried attaching the MX to the modem and then put the Vonage box off of the MX, I get some internet connection but no phones service. 


My questions are:

1) How can I reset the MX to factory settings using the Cloud Manager

2) Which way would you suggest to set this up ( I would like the Vonage Box to hang off the MX, but that might not be the correct way)




Getting noticed

Is the MX64 set up for passthrough? It sounds as if you have an IP config mismatch between your MX and your Vonage box. Are IP addresses manually set, or can you do DHCP? If you are doing DHCP, which is the server (cable modem, MX, or switch)?

I would set it up this way:


Cable modem to MX64

If MX is set for passthrough, Cable modem doing DHCP, excluding a zone for manual IP which will be used for MX, switch, APs, and maybe Vonage box. If MX is set as router (NAT), have it do DHCP and turn DHCP off in cable modem.

MX to Switch.

Hang everything off the switch.

Alternatively, you could hang the Vonage box on the MX, but I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish by this other than saving a switch port. Make sure your Vonage box is on the same subnet as the MX on the "inside" of your NAT, or just set it as a DHCP client.


I don't know a way to do a factory reset from the cloud management portal. I suspect that can only be done at the device, physically, or through your subnet by logging directly onto it (use computer on same subnet and navigate to the MX's IP address using a browser).


I hope this is helpful. Let me know if I need to clarify something or have made an incorrect assumption.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

These are the instructions to factory reset Meraki devices.


You should be able to plug the WAN port of the MX64 directly into the cable modem or your other box.  If it doesn't work try power cycling the box you are plugging into (cable modem or other box as the case may be).


Thanks for all the help, There is a window this weekend and will perform this then. 



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