MX64 Status report

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MX64 Status report

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I'm very new to the Meraki world so I apologize in advance if this has been asked before.  I'm looking to create a morning report for each of my sites.  I really would like to know if the WAN is active and the Cellular is in a ready state without having to go into each appliance and selecting Appliance status.   I currently get emailed, but I would like a report if possible as I have to match up each email with the Uplink status change. Any help would be appreciated!



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Re: MX64 Status report

I don't think that feature exists at the moment, you could make a wish!


You can get a daily status report emailed to you but it doesn't tell you anything about uplink only usage. 

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Re: MX64 Status report

There are two options:

1) SNMP - Poll the cloud controler

2) API - Return an array containing the uplink information for a device


These are quicker options than via the portal.



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Re: MX64 Status report

This is not a great solution.  Go to Organization/Overview.  Click on the "Devices" tab.  Click on the + on the right hand side and add the column "Uplink IP (Port 1)".


If the device is "up" and it has no primary IP address then the primary WAN/Internet interface is down.  Click on the column name to sort the column.  Sort it so that the sites with no primary WAN IP address are at the top.  Now you have a quick and easy way to see sites on 3G.

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