MX64 - Setting a route to subnet managed by a gateway

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MX64 - Setting a route to subnet managed by a gateway

Hey everyone,


I am currently trying to create a route that will allow me to create a sub-network controlled by another router.


Right now, my MX is, the gateway (another router) is plugged into it on port 4 with WAN IP


The subnet controlled by the gateway is, the gateway itself has a LAN IP of I am trying to be able to ping both ways between my MX network and the gateway network.


Is there a way? I tried a static route (next hop to gateway WAN IP (.1.200)) but it just renders the device unaccessible from either WAN nor LAN IP.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

On your MX add a static route for pointing to - so you have that bit correct.


Is by chance this other gateway a firewall or performing NAT between its LAN and WAN IP?  You will need to stop that it make this working.



It may be simpler to take over the on the MX, and get rid of the other router.

Yes it is a IPPBX with some basic router capabilities. I am trying to create a subnetwork to prevent it from interferring with my current VoIP phones. However, I cannot disable NAT on it.

In that case your options are limited.  The subnet will be able to talk to via NAT, but will not be able to initiate traffic into the subnet.

Is there a way on Windows to force this subnet to go to another gateway? It's just for 1 computer that needs access to both network.

And yes, the other way around works, even my non-Meraki VPN peer is reachable.

You could put the MX in both subnets (disabled DHCP for the subnet).  Then for the one client statically configure it with the gateway of the MX for the subnet.

Do I need to create another VLAN with its own subnet for this?


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