MX64 Rule matches

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MX64 Rule matches

Hi everyone,


I was having problems with an MX firewall rule block.

I have not found a way to see which firewall rule applied to the traffic.

(For layer 3 rules there is at least a hit counter ; for layer 7 rules not)


In network wide event log i can only see content filter blocks.

(My problem was because china was blocked as a layer 7 country rule, however it was just trial and error to find out about this).


So my question would be if there is a way to see which rules applied to traffic.


May it be like that because the MX is placed in bridging mode (layer 2 ?)


Hope someone can help.

BTW, it is not urgent since the given deployment is at my home for testing purposes.


Kind Regards


Kind of a big deal

If you run a syslog server behind the MX you can send syslog messages to it for every flow that is allowed or denied by the rules if you put logging on for a certain rule.

However I have never tested L7 rules on a syslog server so I'm not sure if it leaves an entry for those.


Might be worth testing.

Thanks, GldenJoe!

That's a good idea and I will test this.


Best Regards


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