MX64 Down/ Upload Speed

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MX64 Down/ Upload Speed

I need your help with the following:
I have a MX64, so far I have had 50M down and 50M upload with my provider.
There was a system change to 200M download and 200M upload.
If I do a speed test, I also get about 200M download, but unfortunately still 50M upload.
Under SD-Wan I have adjusted the speeds.
Am I missing something?
Many thanks Eric

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If you plug a device directly in the internet modem/router you get 200 up?

Here to help

Thanks for your help.
Unfortunately, it is currently not possible for me, as this is a remote site. I can only check something on site next weekend.
The ISP is also informed.
But these values can already reach the MX64?

Kind of a big deal

Check the uplink configuration is set to the max (you'll have different numbers to the ones shown below).


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Hi PhilippDAth,

That's right, it's on Maximun. In this case 250M.
I don't quite understand why download works and upload doesn't.
Can anyone confirm that the MX series can technically have the same upload as download?
I want to exclude that the MX can only upload 50M and download 250M!?

Unfortunately I am still waiting for feedback from the ISP.




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